My body is only my temple.


When I was 14 I fell in love with a boy who only loved my body.

When I was 16 I finally let him go.

When I was 17 I fell in love with several boys who only loved my body.

When I was 18 I fell in love with a boy who loved my laugh and the way I cussed in the morning.

When I was 19 he left.

Now I am 20 and alone.
Now I must learn to love my body, also.


I’m a paradox. I want to be happy, but I think of things that make me sad. I’m lazy, yet I’m ambitious. I don’t like myself, but I also love who I am. I say I don’t care, but I really do. I crave attention, but reject it when it comes my way. I’m a conflicted contradiction. If I can’t figure myself out, there’s no way anyone else has. Unknown (via darksideoftheshroom)

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It’s like his snoring got so bad that his wife left him and now he’s just forever alone with his extra-strength Breathe Right strips

maybe the strips were so effective that he inhaled his wife
You’ll regret not kissing her a lot more than you’ll regret kissing her. (via lost-veins)

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Ain’t nothing mysterious about that


Jenny Holzer 1985

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I swear to god, ‘Turn Down for What’ has killed someone. I’ve been at parties that are chill, maybe even winding down, and that song comes on and people take five shots in a row and start throwing chairs in the air. The dark side of Lil Jon.  (via lovelyfieldz)

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